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Belt Type Cap Sorter

The existing Centrifugal or Rotary Type Cap Sorter may generate plastic dust which may cause pollution due to mutual friction of rolling during the course of cap sorting. Therefore, it is necessary to remove plastic dust by blowing. In addition, the cap safety ring may be broken during the course of cap sorting; the use of the Belt Type Cap Sorter may prevent dust and breakage of Cap Safety Ring.Belt Type Cap Sorter utilizes the difference in the weight of the front and back of the caps, and then lifts caps with the front side on top with the stopper on the belt, while caps with the back side on top will roll down which will not be lifted up. After being sent to the top, caps with the front side on top will be sent into the cap feeding track by means of air. This kind of Cap Sorter can sort the orientated caps and at the same time it has the function of cap transferring.