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PET Bottle Neck Clamping Type Option

For this type of Filler for PET bottles, we call it Bottle Neck Clamping Type in which the star wheels are designed with the clamping device. Each clamper can be opened and closed at the junction area among Rinser, Filler, and Capper. Bottles are transferred by means of clampers. It can reduce parts replacement for the different bottle size changeover and then reduce the changeover time accordingly. The bottle hanging device of Filler is placed under the Filling Valves, so the bottle hanging elevating motion won’t pollute the filling valves. Our Filling System takes the air inside the bottle to the Gas-Liquid Separation Tank which can prevent the air inside the bottle polluting the filling products inside the Filling Bowl. The control system of Filler is open and provides the mixing system with the connection control and this surely ensure the product safety.