Machine Catalog

Two Stage Rinsing Machine

This type of Bottle Rinsing Machine is to rinse the bottles by the cleaning agent first and then rinse the bottles by sterile water. The effect of this type of bottle rinsing is better. In addition, the situation that the cleaning agent left inside the bottle for this type of machine will be less than the Single-Section Bottle Rinsing Machine. Therefore, we can take the higher concentrated H2O2 or higher concentrated chlorine water as the cleaning agent for this Two-Section Bottle Rinsing Machine. In addition, this type of our machine adopts independent piping design, so when we switch between the cleaning agent and the sterile water, there won’t be the mixing situation happened thus to make sure the cleaning for each section can be completely done to increase the sterilization and cleaning effects. However, the premise for adopting this machine is that the customers have to provide the sterile water.