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Cooling Tunnel

   Our cooler machine is fully customized according to each customer’s demand. Its length and width can be designed according to the customers’ space dimension and layout. Of course, its cooling and heating condition can be designed and adjusted according to the product requirement. Therefore, if this machine is for pasteurization purpose, the customer has to provide the product sterilization requirement and product temperature at machine in-feed and at machine out-feed. If this machine is for Cooler machine only, the customer has only to inform us of the product temperature at machine in-feed and at machine out-feed.

   Its spray nozzles are the high efficiency type, big spraying capacity, larger spraying area, even spraying, easy disassembling and cleaning. With easy removing top cover and opening man-hole, the machine is easy to be operated.
   We adopt lots of nozzles inside the machine which can efficiently spray on the bottle products. Besides, in each machine section, there are independent cycling pumps for us to control the temperature accurately. The mat conveyors are UNI Italy brand with stable quality which is firm and durable.
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