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Are you looking for a liquid beverage packaging machinery supplier that you can rely on? Please kindly take some time to stay with us here, learn more about us and you can find out your requirement here. JIEH HONG MACHINERY CO., LTD. was founded in 1991. However, more than 35-year experience has been built by JIEH HONG designing & manufacturing specialists…
Mineral Water Bottling Line-Jieh Hong Machinery Co., LTD

mineral water filling line-Jieh Hong Machinery Co., LTD

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717Tainan,Taiwan, R.O.C Yung Kang City No 239, Lane 170, Kuanghsing St., Hsishih Li

telephone: 886-6-2717863

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email: jhsales@jiehhong.com.tw

priceRange: NT.0 ~NT.999999

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